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We are school's and corporates health Services provider
Healthy mind lives in healthy body
Maintain electronic Medical Record of Child Health
Preventive Health Check-up(Vision, Dental,BMI, Hearing, General Exam) based on CBSE guideline
First Aid training for school staff
Health Awareness of children and parents


How do we make preventive health care accessible?

  • We conduct annual medical check-ups (inclusive of Vision, Dental, Hearing, Obesity and physical examination) at school premises. This saves time for the students and ensures that it does not interrupt their studies.

  • Recent studies suggest that more than 80% of parents do not provide for preventive health check-up of their children for reasons such as lack of awareness, time constraints, etc. We make it easy by bringing it to your school.

  • After medical check-up, we provide descriptive report for individual students. This helps parents in understanding health of their child.

  • We keep electronic records to maintain year over year progress of each child.

  • We do follow-up calls with parents to ensure that required steps has been taken to ensure that child remains healthy.

  • We arrange for health awareness seminars at school for students and parents.

  • We arrange for first-aid trainings for teachers and students.

Prevention is better than cure....Act now!

Contact us for scheduling Preventive Health Check-up at your school today.


Adopt a School and we will take care of the rest. Contact us for more information..

Preventive Health Check-up is the Smartest Gift!

80% of learning happens through eyes

Regular vision check-up are required because 50% don't complain about poor vision


Regular Hearing and Ear checkup is required fireworks, loud music, wax accumulation etc can cause hearing loss

Speech development is hampered by poor hearing

Early Dental diagnosis and treatment is a Win Win

Importance of healthy teeth can't be overemphasized. Early diagnosis of dental problem will save children pain, absent days from schools and parents money


Our Findings

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