Antibody testing has emerged to be the most effective for presumptive diagnosis of COVID 19. In cases where molecular testing was negative but where there was a strong epidemiological link to COVID-19 infection and paired blood samples (acute and convalescent) showing rising antibody levels.

From detecting effective mechanism to preventing spread of infection

There have been a host of advantages associated to Antibody testing to detect COVID 19. The rapid tests can also be used to detect symptomatic, pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic infectious people before they can spread the coronavirus. As a most effective option, Rapid antigen tests, in addition to their speed, are cheap and easy to produce and therefore more broadly available than the more commonly used gold-standard PCR tests in theory. But these attributes come with a trade-off: less diagnostic accuracy.

Besides this, the rapid tests can be effective in highly controlled settings where people are tested frequently and other mitigation measures are in place. Rapid testing is often necessary to determine eligibility to donate convalescent plasma that has sufficient levels of antibodies, a therapy for COVID-19 to have passive immunization.

Advantage Spring Health Rapid Test Kits

The safety and efficacy of Spring Health has proven benefits, and the overall immune response to the vaccination is high. Individuals with previous exposure should be differentiated in evaluating the response to vaccination. Post vaccination, rapid tests could be used to detect whether and when sufficient immunity has been developed or not. These tests are also useful for determining herd immunity that is important to prevent the spread of infection to the vulnerable segments of the population.

While the current method to detect symptoms involves consultation, lab testing, and getting lab reports, the Rapid Test kits by Spring Health offer several benefits, which include:

-A detection period of 10 minutes

-Easy to operate and handle for the end-users

-No special equipment storage and transportation conditions

-Works equally well with whole blood, serum and plasma

-Tests for 2 antibodies IgM and IgG simultaneously

-Instant Field screening and

-Proven accuracy of over 98%

This gets us back to where we started, wherein it is widely accepted that IgM provides first line defense during viral infections. By providing a generation of adaptive, high affinity IgG responses the rapid tests provide for long-term immunity and immunological memory. Thus, this results in providing accurate information during the stage of infection that can lead to effective prognosis and long-term benefits.